The revolutionary system that’s easy to use.

Using the WISP system is as easy as pulling down a shade or just pushing a button – even from hundreds of miles away. The protective storm shade is deployed from inside the building, making it safer and easier to secure your home or property. Unlike outside storm shutters or plywood, which can take days to put up and take down, WISP can be secured in minutes. Once the storm has passed, simply pull up the WISP shades or have them raised through your Home Manager ST® interface. The shade also offers day-to-day privacy, security and protection from UV rays and is engineered to move up and down with ease.

Total control.

Our Home Manager ST motorized system puts total control of every shade in your home or property right at your fingertips. Using your personal computer, you can schedule shades to open or close based on sunrise/sunset, day of the week and time of day. You can also monitor the positions of the shades to determine if they’re open, partially open or closed. The system is so advanced it can also control compatible lights, sensors and thermostats for a totally automated home environment.

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