Our unique system means peace of mind.

Built into every WISPTM window and door is a system that’s engineered to keep your property safe, even in hurricane-force winds and rain. Each window and door system uses a 6-inch aluminum frame using 10 screws versus the standard 3.25″ frame that uses only 4 screws, creating a strong system that stays square during installation. The impact-resistant shade, integrated into the frame, pulls down easily and secures into the windowsill. Joints are double-sealed in all corners and WISP frames have interlocking structural mullions that allow windows and doors to be grouped for a custom “window wall” effect.

Shade rolls neatly into place inside casing.

WISP products are built on a 6“ frame instead of the standard 3.25“ frame and have double-sealed joints in all corners.

WISP metal frame reduces noise by transferring outside sound waves into the wall.

An industrial-strength thermal break prevents condensation in high humidity.

Water captured by the shade is diverted to a trench at the bottom of the frame, which channels the water through weep holes, away from the building.

All WISP sliding glass door handles are slam-protected heavy-duty mortise locking systems.

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