This video shows a WISPTM window storm curtain as the subject of an impact test. It was conducted to ASTM E 1886-05 and ASTM E 1996-05 specifications. Like a severe storm, the testing takes several hours (15 hours minimum) to complete, so the product must be durable or it will undoubtedly fail.

The test requires a single piece of 9-pound yellow pine sized at 2″ x 4″ x 8′ to be propelled at 50 feet per second (approximately 35 mph) while positioned 17′ away from the tested WISP “unit.” This projectile test is done twice for each unit tested (wind zone # 4). The WISP unit is then pressurized in a cyclic manner (3 seconds under pressure and 3 seconds rest) on the positive side or pressure from the outside-in 4,500 times and then on the negative side or pressure from inside-out 4,500 times, for a total of 9,000 cycles with wind-speed pressure equating up to 205 mph.

The cyclic test is a simulation of blowing wind gusts that would be present during a severe weather event like a hurricane.

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